3 Sustainably Farmed Foods You Must Try

There’s nothing like trying new foods, it’s part of the excitement when you visit a different country, to try the local cuisine. At The Fishwives we have always wanted to bring Australian and New Zealand food produce to Singaporeans, who appreciate the fine quality foods these two countries are known for.  If you’ve ever been to the Australasia region you will know it’s a foodie haven. The ocean is never far away even when you’re in a major city, and there’s an abundance of seafood, quality meats and organic fruit and vegetable ensuring your diet is always kept healthy and balanced.


Akaroa NZ King Salmon is farmed sustainably in the pristine waters of the Akaroa harbour on the eastern part of the South Island. A deep water bay with ideal temperatures and current flows, the conditions are perfect for salmon farming. The Akaroa salmon farm has been in the family for 3 generations and they are passionate about the fair treatment of salmon, sustainability and ensuring the final product is kept free of hormones and antibiotics. Once you taste Akaroa NZ king salmon, you’ll never want to buy anything else.

Borrowdale Certified Free Range Pork

We’ve all seen those harrowing videos of pigs raised in cramped conditions and being mistreated. It’s all too easy for farms these days to prioritise profit over animal welfare. At The Fishwives we’re concerned about animal welfare just as much as we are over the use of antibiotics and hormone treatment. Pigs that have been allowed to truffle, play and wallow in the mud have a much better quality of life than pigs who have been kept in confined pens.

Borrowdale certified free range pork, as a result of the rearing conditions, has a unique, superior flavour and tenderness that harks back to a bygone era. Of course, it gets The Fishwives seal of approval by being hormone free, using no moisture infusion and is APIQ® Certified Free Range. It’s also worth noting that Borrowdale is leading the way when it comes to raising pigs in a stress free environment and providing optimal living conditions for the pigs. We’ve given it the official taste test as well, and can assure that it’s the best pork we’ve ever eaten.



Pureblack Angus Beef

Australian beef has been highly regarded for a while now and has become extremely popular in Asia.  Pureblack Angus beef largely originates from South Eastern Australia where the temperate climate is ideal for beef production. Known for its marbling  and growth rates, Angus beef is up there with the best of them. It really makes a difference when cattle are left plenty of space to pasture, treated well and processed in small batches. It goes without saying that our Pureblack Angus beef is not treated with growth enhancers, or any therapeutic anti-disease treatment.


Finding sustainably farmed foods in Singapore and through The Fishwives has never been easier. The only question which remains - which sustainably farmed product will you try first?


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