Frequently Asked Questions


Are your products fresh or defrosted from frozen?

None of our products are ever defrosted from frozen. Our fresh products have never been frozen and can be frozen for 6-12 months. We will never sell defrosted products.

Our wild white fish from NZ and our Australian Shark Bay wild prawns are snap frozen at the source to keep them as fresh as possible – we keep these products frozen.

Our organic chicken is frozen as this is imported from Australia and strict Singapore AVA laws stipulate that no fresh poultry can be brought into Singapore.

Sometimes if we have stock left over and it is close to its best before date, we will freeze it and sell it frozen – this product is still perfect however cannot be refrozen once it is defrosted.

How often do you receive your products:

  • NZ Akaroa Salmon = Twice a week direct from NZ.
  • Certified Organic Chicken = Daily from Mon-Sun. We do not have fresh chicken on Mondays.
  • Cape Grim Beef = Fresh directly from Australia every 10 days.
  • Australian Dorper Lamb – Fresh from Australia every 2 weeks.
  • Fresh Wild Caught White Fish from NZ – Every Sat/Sun depending on availability.

What is a Rib-Eye Steak?

Rib eye steak is the same as a Scotch Fillet Steak. As its name suggests, it is from the rib section of the cow.

What is an Eye Fillet Steak?

The eye fillet is also known as tenderloin steak and sometimes referred to as the lady’s cut’ as there is very little fat on it. The eye fillet / tenderloin sits beneath the rib of the cow.

What feed is used for Akaroa salmon?

A proprietary feed formulated from a blend of protein rich ingredients, minerals and oils is used. All feed is certified and GM free.

Where can you buy hormone free chicken in Singapore?

Our organically farmed chickens are ethically reared on modern farms in Malaysia without the use of growth enhancers or antibiotics.  Reared in a temperature-controlled, hygienic environment with ample space for the chickens to roam, they also enjoy a calm and soothing environment listing to the sounds of Mozart classical music!

Fed with Lactobacillus, which enhances the chicken's immune systems naturally, protects their intestinal system, and thus improving the absorption of their nutrients while at the same time lowering the fat and cholesterol intake, providing a much healthier choice for consumption.

What is Lactobacillus?

Lactobacillus, or friendly bacteria, is a natural way of combating harmful bacteria. With a more advance lactobacillus technology, stronger strains were specially cultured for our Chicken. Using a high-tech farming process, it is introduced into the diet of chickens reared in a controlled environment under the strict supervision of a team of selected and qualified professionals.

Why is our chicken is so good?

  • Organically Farmed
  • Fed with Lactobacillus
  • Listens to Mozart
  • Farmed without antibiotics or growth enhancers*
  • Lower in Cholesterol & Saturated Fats than standard farmed chicken

* Our poultry farms management system is ISO9001:2015 certified UKAS accredited for “Farming of Antibiotics Free Broilers”



How much do you charge for delivery?

We charge a flat rate of $15 regardless of area, however delivery is free of charge if your order is $100 or over.

Can I change or cancel the items I have ordered?

Once your transaction is completed and payment is made, your order cannot be changed or cancelled. However if you call us within 1 hour of placing the incorrect order, we will endeavour to help make the changes.

Can I return a product I have ordered online or bought in-store?

Unless an item has been delivered in a damaged condition and rejected upon delivery we cannot take it back. Products that are delivered in good condition and have been accepted upon delivery cannot be returned as product safety may have been compromised due a break in the cold chain and cannot be resold;. Damaged products will be replaced or refunded within the next working day where possible.

What if one of my products has gone off?

We are meticulous about the the quality and freshness of our products, however if you are at all unhappy with a product upon opening it, please contact us immediately.

We cannot refund or replace a product that has been purchased from us / reported to be spoiled if it is more than 3 days since the purchase of the product.

It is important to store your products correctly either refrigerating or freezing where applicable. If purchasing from the shop, please always ensure you are given ice to go in your bag.

What do I do if an item is missing from my order?

Our driver is trained to check every item off with the recipient at the time of delivery. In the event that something has been missed, please let us know immediately. Missing items must be advised within 2 hours of receiving your order. If an item is found to be missing from your order, or you have received the wrong product, we will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible or will provide you with a refund.

Who can I contact if I want further information on my online purchases?

Please call us on +65 6464 8384 or whatsapp on +65 880 90938 during opening hours or email us at

What are your Opening Hours?

Our hours have been altered slightly during the CV19 Circuit Breaker as follows:

Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 9.30am – 5pm

What Payments do you accept in your online store?

We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express. 

What Payments do you accept instore?

We accept Paynow, Nets, Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

I do not want to pay for my product online, will you accept cash on delivery?

Due to past unfortunate experiences we are unable to accept cash on delivery for any order. If you do not wish to pay via the online portal, you can send your order via email and make a direct deposit into our bank account. Once we have received the funds we will arrange delivery of your order.

Can I give you my credit card details over the phone?

Unfortunately, our credit card facility is not enabled to take payments over the phone. 


Do you have a loyalty programme?

Yes we do, our loyalty programme awards 1 Point for every $1 Spent (excl. GST) either instore or online. In order to accumulate points you need to sign up for an account. Once you have activated your account you can log in and track your points. You can track your points by visiting your account details. You will be eligible to redeem points (credit) towards your shopping once you have accrued 100 points.

How do I use my points Online?

You must create an account to accrue points.  When you log in - you will see a pink Rewards tab pop up to the right of the screen - click on this and you will see what rewards you are eligible to receive (if any).  If you click 'Use' you will see a 'Congratulations' notice with the rewards amount - Click on 'Copy' button and when you go to check out, paste this code in the discount code box.  Or take note the code and use it at another time.

You can scroll down the rewards tab and see how you can earn points with our referral system and also our social media points reward system.

How do I use my points in store?

When you go to pay for your items at the check out just give your mobile number to the assistant and she/he will let you know if you have any rewards accrued and will give you the option to use the rewards towards your purchase or save them for another purchase.  Please remember to always give your phone number when making a purchase so that your points can be accrued on every purchase.

Can I use a discount code and my loyalty points at the same time?

No, if you have a discount code, you will not be able to use it and also redeem points for the same order.

I order from you every week, can you please give me a regular discount?

Our loyalty programmer offers very generous rewards especially for regular shoppers. Unfortunately as much as we would like to, we are unable to offer a regular discount and run our loyalty programme as well.


How Can I Earn Points?

Spend Online & In-store - 1 point for every $1 spent (excl. GST & Shipping)
Create An Account - 100 points
Celebrate Your Birthday - 150 points
Comment on an Instagram Post - 80 points
Follow on Instagram - 20 points
Like Facebook Page - 20 points
Share on Facebook - 80 points


Refer a friend and they will receive 10% off their first order and you will be rewarded with a $10 voucher.

Do my points ever run out?

Yes, in order to keep up with our accounting we need to put a limit of 6 months on the validity of your points.  You will be reminded 1 month before they are going to expire.

Do sign up for our newsletter as you will be kept up to date with any promotions or discount opportunities we have. 

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