Borrowdale Certified Free Range Pork

Borrowdale Certified Free Range Pork

Borrowdale delivers a modern take on traditionally farmed pork of yesteryear, bringing the highest standards of ethical pork production.

Raised in a stress free environment, with the freedom to truffle, play and wallow in the mud, our free range pork has taken on the superior flavour and tenderness of pork from a bygone era. With Borrowdale free range pork, you can rediscover the real taste of pork.

What sets Borrowdale apart
  • No moisture infusion
  • No added hormones
  • High welfare
  • APIQ® certified free range

The farm

The farm, borne from a desire to raise pigs in a stress free environment with a focus on animal welfare practices, is now a pioneer of commercial free range pig production.

The 10,000 acre farm is an ideal home for the pigs to display their natural behaviours, being APIQ Certified Free Range. Protection from the elements is provided with insulated huts filled with deep straw bedding for comfort.

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