Why Australia and New Zealand have some of the best food standards?

What comes to mind when you think of Australia and New Zealand? Is it Kangaroos and kiwi birds roaming freely in the countryside. Or perhaps it’s the relaxed lifestyle that enters your mind first. Whatever, you associate with these two countries you will probably also know that both countries have exceptional food standards. There’s a reason why both countries do so much international food trade, their reputation of high quality standards in food production is ubiquitous.


The climate and open space


One of the reasons that Australian food production is high is conducive to the climate and the land use for livestock. Cattle, lamb and pigs are given freedom to pasture and play and ultimately like the people have a very good quality of life. In this statement, I am of course excluding farms who may be motivated by more profit and use intensive farming methods. The climate also plays a great part in producing the exceptional quality of food. For example, Angus beef in South Eastern parts of Australia will have a very temperate climate which will suit them much better than say more hot and humid parts of Australia such as Queensland.


Hygiene and Treatment of Animals


Both Australia and New Zealand take food production very seriously. Farms and factories will ensure that they adhere to strict protocol when it comes to handling animals and food. In developing countries, often the same levels of hygiene and treatment are not reached and this means that food can sometimes be easily contaminated with harmful pathogens and diseases. It’s because of the high standard of treatment and processing that comparatively speaking there are much fewer cases of food poisoning such as salmonella as there might be in developing nations.


Leading The Way For Sustainable Farming


Many farms in Australia and New Zealand are committed to sustainable farming, whether this is salmon farming or raising cattle. Intensive farming takes its toll on resources, and ultimately can damage the environment. Sustainable farming looks at processes that are more eco-friendly and have a positive impact rather than a harmful one. We made the decision a long time ago to work with partners who align with our philosophy on sustainable farming. Therefore, you can be assured that all our food products not only meet the food quality guidelines of the respective source countries, but also they are free from ‘nasties’ such as antibiotics and hormones.

Some examples of our sustainably farmed products include NZ King Salmon from Akaroa as well as tri-tip Angus Beef. Of course we have many more, so why not take a look for yourself?

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