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Frozen Peking Duck Breast (Skin On) +500g - Free Range

Frozen Peking Duck Breast (Skin On) +500g - Free Range

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 Farmed in Open-House Paddock-reared farms located in Malaysia, our Peking Ducks roam freely in the outdoors. We believe in breeding the Ducks as naturally as possible. That is why, till today, we do not breed Ducks on our own Farm indoors and our Ducks reach Market weight on their own.  

 (This has also the unintended effect of lower fat content in our Ducks as our Ducks exercise and move about in the outdoors. Our Duck fat ratio is at 18.2%  while industry standard is nearing 30%.)

 The ducks are fed on natural grasses, and a purposely created feed that contains a mixture of Corn, Oatmeal and Soy.  

* Our poultry farms management system is ISO9001:2015 certified UKAS accredited for “Farming of Antibiotics Free Broilers”
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