Fresh Chevre 150g - Kris Lloyd Artisan


The Goat milk is sourced from small local goat farms giving us excellent control over the quality and seasonality of the milk. Saanens, British Alpine and Toggenburg breed all feature in the herds. Curd is set overnight to make this fresh cheese in a traditional lactic set, not unlike yoghurt.

The curd is drained with quick precision, once drained the curd is lightly seasoned with salt and left to age for 10 or so days, after which we carefully portion the cheese by hand. We aim for this chèvre to super creamy with seasoning that gives this simple fresh cheese a great personality that chefs ask for by name.

It goes well on a cheese board with a crisp white wine or smothered over hot crusty bread or on top of a piping hot baked potato.

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