U20 Western Australian Tiger Prawns (Raw) - SHARK BAY - FROZEN


Our Tiger prawns are wild caught in the pristine clean waters of Shark Bay Western Australia. Found in the tropical waters of NW Australia these large Tiger Prawns (Penaeus Esculentus) have striking brown stripes. They make a beautiful presentation and are sure to tantalise the taste-buds.

Fresh frozen at sea to seal in all of natures goodness, these Tiger prawns are firm and succulent when BBQ’d or pan fried.

The wild caught Shark Bay Tiger Prawn certainly does make an impression. They reach maturity between 6-7 months and can live up to four years. Full flavoured, the Tiger Prawn cooks very quickly going from semitransparent to white with red bands when cooked.

Suitable for steaming, poaching, deep-fry, pan-fry, stir-fry, grill and barbecue.  

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