Maffra Stockmans Cheshire 150g


A white cheese that has a loose, moist and crumbly texture and a mild or mellow flavour. Cheshire is thought to be the oldest British made cheese, dating back to before the Romans settled in Cheshire and north Shropshire and it was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.

When young, the Maffra Stockman’s Cheshire taste is mild and mellow, giving only a glimpse of the flavours which can develop in the older cheeses. As the cheese ages, the mellowness is replaced by surprisingly strong flavours which provide a wonderful contrast between a sharp sweetness and a slight saltiness.

Traditionally served as part of a Ploughman’s lunch or with marmalade on freshly-baked dark bread.

Farmhouse Cheeses, Handmade & Artisan, Halal Certified

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