Celebrity Chef Matt Moran chats<br> to Rebecca Forwood of The Fishwives

Celebrity Chef Matt Moran chats<br> to Rebecca Forwood of The Fishwives

Matt was the special guest at the opening of The Fishwives Cluny Court Shop

Matt Moran has been cultivating quite a following in recent years.  He has established himself as a chef and restaurateur heading up some of Australia's most celebrated dining establishments.  He is the driving force behind ARIA Sydney, Chiswick Woolhara, The Opera Bar, The Riverbar & Kitchen, North Bondi Fish, CHISWICK at The Gallery and his latest venture Bea at Barangaroo.  In addition to this, he has hosted his own TV Series and co-hosted various TV cooking shows including The Great Australian Bake Off and Family Food Fight.
The Fishwives and Matt have many shared values such as our emphasis on sourcing fine quality produce direct from source, educating ourselves about food & nutrition as well as ensuring food is sustainably produced and we are both passionate about helping our farmers wherever possible.
With so much on his plate (quite literally!) it's hard to get a few minutes with Matt, but I managed to catch up with him whilst he was waiting to board a flight to the Tiwi Islands, and asked him everything from career highlights to Singapore cuisine.

 Matt with Salina, Kim and Rebecca at The Fishwives, Cluny Court

    You have achieved so much in your career - What single accomplishment are you most proud of to date?
      It hasn’t happened yet, but I would say opening my first restaurant in 1991 is at the top of the list as well as being a part of an incredible industry. Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.
        What has been the biggest change in the food industry in the last few years?
          I have always been passionate about sustainability, seasonality and being very produce-driven so it is great to see the food industry moving in this direction.
            What are some of the challenges facing modern farming today?
              There are so many – more than I can note succinctly here. Some are climate change, water shortage, increasing transportation costs, labour shortage, stock prices, feed prices for the stock.. I could go on. We need to be more proactive in finding solutions to these problems that will provide more meaningful and impactful change to these issues. I’m working on a couple of projects at the moment in this area to try to do what I can – watch this space!
                What cause is most important to you at the moment and why? 
                  Oz Harvest is a charity I hold really close to my heart; I’ve been an ambassador from the beginning. We both believe sustainability is key, we are here a long time not a short time. We need to win the war on waste and protect the future generation. 
                  Globally, people waste too much food and as a country we send about 4 million tonnes of food to landfill every year. Not only is that staggering but there is also an issue of homelessness and hunger in this country. Oz Harvest is using one problem in society as a solution to fixing another, it’s an incredible organisation and I’m honoured to be a part of it.
                    Being on the Singapore Airlines Culinary Panel has brought you to Singapore regularly for many years - there has been significant change in the landscape over the years but have you seen a big change in the food scene as well?
                      Yes, a huge change! When I first came to Singapore it was all about hawker food with the odd fine dining restaurant. Now Singapore is a food destination in its own right with incredible restaurants all over and not just casual dining but fine dining. 
                        What do you love most about Singapore?
                          I love the energy and the incredible produce from all over the world, it’s a real melting pot that’s got a great buzz and energy. There are lots of great bars popping up around the city.
                            If you were only allowed to cook one dish and your life depended on it what would it be?
                              I am a creature of habit and believe simplicity is key. My go to meal would have to be a roast chicken… stuffed with foie gras and truffles for good measure ;)

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