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Blue Reef

Wild Caught Qld Fresh Coral Trout Fillets - +/- 250gm

Wild Caught Qld Fresh Coral Trout Fillets - +/- 250gm

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Coral Trout is a popular fish (sometimes referred to as grouper), known for its firm, moist, pearly white flesh with a delicate sweet flavour. Sourced from the clear blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Blue Reef is our premier supplier, committed to sustainability, freshness, and reliability.

Each fish is caught by hand using handline fishing techniques, ensuring no by-catch and no harmful practices. These sustainable methods help keep Coral Trout and the marine ecosystem healthy.

Based in the tropical city of Cairns, Australia, Blue Reef is the largest supplier of wild caught Australian Coral Trout in the world. Supplying international customers with fish for over 20 years, we are renowned for our premium quality, consistency and reliability. Blue Reef is part of the Australian Reef Fish Trading Co (ARFTC). 

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