Top Paddock Australian Grass Fed Lamb


Top Paddock lambs are all grass fed free range animals sourced from Southern Australia where there is ample fresh water and native pastures, making it the ideal environment for grazing and farming. Our farmers take great care to preserve the land they raise Top Paddock lambs on.

The pastures in this region are packed with minerals and fibre providing the perfect natural conditions for growing world class lambs and delivering excellent eating quality.

Top Paddock lambs are second cross British and European breeds chosen for their sturdy frame, excellent meat distribution across the carcase and the eating quality of their meat. The animals have been allowed to graze freely on some of Australia’s finest natural pastures of clover and rye grasses, resulting in a delicious subtle flavour.

The lambs are processed between 8 to 12 months of age, the best age for producing a tasty and versatile meat. All our lambs are raised without the use of additional chemicals, antibiotics or hormones.

At Top Paddock we believe that the lambs should be allowed to graze freely on the rich native grasslands and pastures of our region. This results in a naturally lean and tender lamb and a true farm to fork experience.

Top Paddock Lamb has been selected & produced to cater primarily to the food service market. Particular care is taken to ensure continuity of supply, excellent eating quality and that the meat is cut to a consistent specification.