Blue Reef Coral Trout - Australia


Blue Reef is the premier supplier of wild Australian Coral Trout, sourced from the clear blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Committed to sustainability, freshness, and reliability, we provide the highest quality live and chilled Australian Coral Trout to restaurants and retailers around the world.

From Gladstone to Cooktown, we work with a fleet of over 35 fishing vessels to supply our partners with the freshest Australian Coral Trout.

Each fish is caught by hand, using handline fishing techniques which means no by-catch, no net fishing, and no other harmful fishing practices.

Harvesting within quotas set and managed by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, our sustainable fishing practices keep Australian Coral Trout, and the incredible marine ecosystem as a whole, in good health into the future.

CORAL TROUT (Plectropomus Leopardus)

Coral Trout is a tropical fish with varying skin colour from shades of green to shades of red. It is distinguishable by small blue spots located all over its body, and striking shading around the eye.

Coral Trout live and grow in the warm, shallow waters of coral reefs, and are caught year-round. In Australia, it is still found thriving in the wild in the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

An elegant fish, Coral Trout has long been prized as a premier table fish. It has gentle fat and a firm texture, with fine flakes and few bones, which are easily removed. Served whole or as fillets, it is a sensory delight to experience. There is no difference in taste with colour.