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Monsieur Truffe Chocolate - 65% Dark Chocolate Cherrytini 90g (Limited Edition)

Monsieur Truffe Chocolate - 65% Dark Chocolate Cherrytini 90g (Limited Edition)

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65% Dark Chocolate with Mountain Distilling Gin infused sour cherries and Australian Natives

Ingredients: Cacao mass, cacao butter, sugar, sour cherries, gin, wattleseed, vanilla powder

The very first Monsieur Truffe opened its doors in the Prahran market Victoria, Australia back in 2006, marking a humble beginning as a one-man operation. Since then, it has expanded to include over 100 stockists throughout Australia and now in Singapore with The Fishwives. 

Originally, the offerings at the Prahran markets were a simple selection of bars and delights. However, after introducing a small selection of bean-to-bar chocolates and witnessing a surge in popularity, they expanded this range significantly. A decade later, the bean-to-bar range has grown even larger and incorporates beans from all over the world, which are roasted and conched to showcase their optimal tasting notes, offering flavour profiles and intensities to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Monsieur Truffe is committed to sharing its artisanal approach to chocolate-making with the community and invites everyone to spend time at their location or enjoy their chocolate at home

**Please note that all chocolate products may contain traces of peanut and/or tree nuts, due to being processed in the same facility as products with differing inclusions.

Sustainability Mission Statement

We believe in ethical sourcing. We understand our responsibility as a company to the farmers and workers who produce and harvest the ingredients we use. Finding quality ingredients for our chocolates is of utmost importance to us. So, we work with our supplier partners to source the best ingredients available and they, in turn, work closely with growers and exporters who follow ethical farming practices. 

We trust our partners to help us, as a small business, navigate the complex world of ethical sourcing. They help source our ingredients in an ethical and sustainable way, ensuring that workers involved are treated fairly and environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration. Our key supply partners purchase our ingredients from long-established, first class suppliers who provide fully traceable ingredient solutions that support a transparent, sustainable “farm to fork” consumer story.

No matter which Monsieur Truffe product you buy, you can rest assured that we source our ingredients responsibly.


Organic - Gluten Free

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