How to Create a Cheese Board

How to Create a Cheese Board

Creating the Perfect Cheese Board

Crafting an impressive cheese board is an fun and so rewarding. With the right selection of cheeses, accompaniments, and a thoughtful arrangement, you can create a cheese board that balances flavours and textures while also looking spectacular! 

Here's my step-by-step guide to putting together a cheese board that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Begin with a generously sized wooden board. If you don’t own one, I do recommend investing in a quality board. Wood provides an excellent backdrop for arranging your cheeses and accompaniments. If you have a breadboard or nice wooden chopping board this can also work well.


  • Cheese Selection:

    Choose a trio of cheeses for smaller gatherings and expand to five or 6 for larger crowds. Mix textures with options such as cheddar, brie, comté, and blue cheese. Include a crumbly variety like feta for some added diversity!

  • Accompaniments:

    Select an assortment of crackers, baguettes, or crostinis. Incorporate fresh grapes, figs, and dried apricots for sweetness, and add walnuts and almonds for crunch. Introduce the richness of chocolate and the sweetness of honey. Fill small bowls with olives, raspberries, or other complementary items.


  1. Preparation:

    Begin by arranging the bowls, as they take up the most space on the board and then you can fill everything else in.

  2. Cheese Placement:

    Allow the cheeses to reach room temperature, enhancing their flavours. Slice the firm cheeses and artfully stack them. Arrange the softer cheeses in a more relaxed manner.

  3. Bread and Crackers:

    Add a handful of baguette slices and crackers, avoiding overcrowding. Fan them along the edges for easy access, maintaining a balanced look.

  4. Fruit and Nuts:

    Generously scatter grapes or other fruit you're using and nestle nuts and dried fruits into smaller gaps, adding texture and filling spaces.

  5. Final Touches:

    Complete the arrangement by filling the bowls with items like chocolates, raspberries, or olives. Add a few sprigs of rosemary for a touch of freshness and scatter pomegranate seeds for a burst of colour.


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