Single Serve Vanilla Bean Greek Yoghurt - 120g Annie's All Natural


Greek Yoghurt - Flavours

Full-fat strained yoghurt with house made flavours

Made from grass-fed NZ milk, probiotic cultures, cane sugar, & fresh fruits and spices

› Flavours: vanilla bean, ginger, passionfruit, coffee

› Ideal for breakfasts, pastry, and desserts 

› 25 days shelf life

› Vanilla bean: 120g glass jar, 1 kg tub;

› Coffee, passionfruit, ginger: 120g glass jars

Annie's All Natural was founded in 2014 to provide our community with quality cultured dairy products made simply and deliciously. These are yoghurts and cultured creams the way they should be. 

All products are: 

All-natural, using premium ingredients including New Zealand grass-fed milk,European cream, and regionally sourced fruit and spices. No stabilisers, preservatives, or unnecessary additives. Our milks, creams, and cultures are certified Halal.

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