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Artisan Vinegars

Kawakawa Mustard

Kawakawa Mustard

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Yellow and black mustard seeds combined with the leaves of the kawakawa tree.
This spicy mustard is made from all natural ingredients and contains no thickeners.
Proudly handmade in New Zealand.

Kawakawa (Piper excelsum) is the beautiful New Zealand native with big heart shaped leaves. You have probably come across it before, but if not after reading this you’ll know exactly where to look and how to use it!

Although kawakawa has the common name of pepper tree, don’t mistake it for horopito (also called the pepper tree). Although these two natives each have their own unique spicy flavours, they have different medicinal properties. 

Kawakawa is used because it is a powerful plant that supports the whole body. We are building on its traditional use and incorporating this versatile plant into our everyday and celebrating the many supportive actions this plant has. We celebrate kawakawa within our defence range to help support a healthy immune system as well as having it in our topical skin oil to support healthy skin and skin repair. Our Daily Boost Tonic contains kawakawa to add to this formula’s tonic and energy supporting action.

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