**FROZEN FROM FRESH** Marinated Boneless Lamb Leg - White Pyrenees, Vic Australia

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A fully deboned lamb leg, perfect for roasting.

White Pyrenees Lamb is premium succulent lamb sourced directly from the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges. The Pyrenees region is located in the Central West of Victoria and is recognised for its rich, fertile and productive land, ideal for producing Australia’s finest quality lamb.

The White Pyrenees Lamb program has been developed over 15 years through specific breeding programs and the crossing of the highest quality bloodlines. Their lambs are specifically selected to ensure high muscle yield, consistent eating quality, tenderness and mild flavour profile that can only be associated with White Pyrenees Lamb, “Victoria’s Finest”.

MSA graded
Naturally raised without antibiotics
Natural Marbling
Fed Natural GMO free diet
Free of hormone growth promotant


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