Who is Shirl and who is Moss? The name is a respectful nod to our wonderful grandparents, Shirley and Maurice; two people who embody the caring values we run our business by. Family is and always will be an important part of who we are.

My sister Aimee and I share a passion for sustainable foods. Growing up on a remote farm in the Marlborough Sounds gave us an invaluable understanding of the link between land, people, and produce.

Family and community are really important to us. We value the relationship with the farms and farmers who grow our cacao. We only select cacao farms which respect the land and the people who call it home. It’s always here that we find the best quality cacao.

We choose sustainable packaging, use minimal processing and only use the finest raw ingredients we can get our hands on. We craft all of our chocolate from bean to bar, making choices at every step of the way to ensure the best tasting chocolate, that doesn’t cost our planet. We are really proud to contribute to the sustainable chocolate movement.

Thank you for supporting our journey.

Simon - Founder & Chocolate Maker

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