Cobs Popcorn - Cheddar Cheese Popcorn 100g

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Cheddar Cheese popcorn is one for the cheese fanatics. We make this flavour-packed popcorn by combining quality corn kernels with the goodness of high oleic sunflower or canola oil. The kernels are then popped to perfection, creating fluffy and crunchy popcorn, to which we add the perfect amount of natural cheddar cheese seasoning.

96 calories per serve. Always delicious.

Ingredients: Popcorn (68%), sunflower oil or canola oil – hi oleic, cheddar cheese seasoning (milk solids, maltodextrin, salt, cheese powder (milk)(1.3%), natural flavour, yeast extract, butter milk powder, garlic powder, natural colour (curcumin).

Allergen advice: May contain milk. May contain soy.

Discount of 25% with Best Before Date of 28-Mar-2024

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