Embracing our commitment to minimise food wastage, we've chosen to offer products which are nearly at their use-by date,  at cost or in some cases below cost to avoid letting valuable food go to waste.

Stay tuned as this selection is refreshed daily, ensuring you catch some good deals.

Please note 

None of our products are ever defrosted from frozen. Our fresh products have never been frozen and can be frozen for 6-12 months. We will never sell defrosted products.

Our wild white fish from NZ and our Australian Shark Bay wild prawns are snap frozen at the source to keep them as fresh as possible – we keep these products frozen.

If we have stock left over and it is within 2-4 days of its best before date, we will freeze it and sell it frozen.

This methodology is employed to ensure product quality and to extend its usability. By freezing our surplus product in this manner, we ensures that, upon defrosting, our customers will have a minimum of 1-2 days to consume the product within its optimal freshness period.

Our "frozen from fresh" method is a way to maintain product integrity without compromising quality. Please be assured that, our intent isn't to freeze and sell "end of life" products, but rather to preserve the freshness of our inventory in a responsible manner.

Frozen from Fresh products whilst still perfect,  cannot be refrozen once defrosted.

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