Freeze Dried Australian Camel Milk Powder - 100% Natural Unhomogenised


Camel milk has been the primary type of milk consumed by many Bedouin cultures for generations. Although it is not in nearly as much in supply as cow's milk, it has a number of clear advantages over the latter, including more powerful nutrients and better chemical compounds. Camel milk is a more environment-friendly way of obtaining milk, as camels do not need the massive amount of grazing areas like goats and cows, thereby leaving the world a bit greener and with less methane gas. 

For generations, it has primarily been used only for subsistence in those cultures, but given the undeniable health benefits of this milk as compared to more traditional forms of milk, there has been a major increase in camel milk farming.

Camel milk benefits are said to include the ability to prevent diabetes, improve the immune system, stimulate circulation, treat adhd and autism, lessen allergic reactions, promote growth and development, protect against certain autoimmune diseases, and improve the heart health.

Camel  milk doesn't have a protein in it which is found in cows, goats and sheeps milk which is a known allergen and causes problems for many people in the gut. The protein is Beta Lactoglobbulin (B-Lg). Whats interesting is that a lot of people who think they are lactose intolerant are actually often B-Lg intolerant.

It has a beautiful light sweet taste with a faint salty finish.
Unhomogenised and gently pasteurised. Easy on your stomach.

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