Goat Curd 125g - Woodside Cheese Wrights, Adelaide


The Woodside Goat Curd is made from fresh local goat milk sourced from Towerview and Oskjberg goat dairies. Pasteurisation is achieved using batch pasteurisation which is very gentle to the milk. Our curd is made several times per week  insuring our customers always have the freshest product .

A product as fresh as Goat Curd relies upon the freshest milk for maximum flavour and acidity.  The milk is set using a traditional long set method overnight. The following day the curd is ladled into cheesecloth bags . We allow the curd to drain for several hours this process is very gentle as the curd has a delicate structure. This product is pure with only a small amount of salt being added during the final process.

Our curd has a mild, light and tangy flavour with a smooth, creamy finish that is almost fluffy. The flavour is clean and subtle with a perfect acid balance and light salting.

This fresh lively goat’s cheese is perfect on its own and makes an ideal partner to both sweet and savoury flavours. The Curd can be simply spread on fresh bread, then topped with any of the following - drizzled with good olive oil and cracked pepper, roasted capsicum, basil pesto , grilled figs or quince paste.
Further it can be used in tarts, both sweet and savoury, dollop on top of your favourite pasta dish, thicken soups and on top of good pizzas.  Great on toast drizzled with good honey and topped with banana – kids love it
The Curd should be treated as a fresh cheese, kept at or below 4 degrees Celsius before a short rest outside prior to use.

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