Wild Honey Singapore

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Bring the magic of the Wild Honey experience to your all-day breakfast table at home with our very own ‘Wild Honey – No place like home’ Cookbook.

Written by Stephanie Hancock, co-owner of Wild Honey and the culinary brain behind the brand, our cookbook captures 10 years of Wild Honey Singapore through some of our favourite recipes.

Carefully developed and curated for you to create the Wild Honey magic at home, this wonderfully visual cookbook features a range of classic crowd favourites, as well as signature dishes, such as our famed Wild Honey Hollandaise sauce.

Easy to follow and foolproof, it’s fantastic for anyone who loves all-day breakfast and is a perfect gift for any Wild Honey Fan.

Get your ‘Wild Honey – No place like home’ Cookbook today on Waitrr or get your copy the next time you visit any of our Wild Honey Restaurants.

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