Vegan Cashew Camembert - 4MY YETI

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It's not a cheese... It's 4My!

Let Yeti transport you into the new 4My sensory world and be part of the paradigm shift.

With a buttery heart and a natural and edible bloomy white rind, that characteristic freshness of the camemberti family (Camembert and Brie), Yeti is the first product of the 4MY line, created in Singapore, sustainable and 100% plant-based. 


Product weight: 200g

Ingredients: Cashew nuts 85%, water, coconut oil, salt, cultures. 

4My is a new startup based in Singapore, dedicated to creating a line of high-quality Plant-Based dairy products.

This vibrant young food tech company was born as a result of the experience of Chef Damian Piedrahita (Founder and CEO) and Claudia Comini (Co-founder & Production Manager), who spent several years in the F&B area around the world.

At 4My we believe in a better, sustainable, plant-based, and innovative future.

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