South Georgia Island Toothfish Fillet Skin On Portion 150g +/- Snap Frozen at the Source


About South Georgia Island Fishery

South Georgia is a British Overseas Territory that is a remote & inhospitable collection of islands located in the chilly & pristine Antarctic waters of the Southern Atlantic Ocean 

The South Georgia Patagonian Toothfish Fishery is managed by the Government of South Georgia and in 2004 was certified as sustainable & well managed by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and re-certified in 2009 & 2014. 

Brave and hardy fishermen fish these treacherous waters in search of the prized Patagonian Toothfish so we can bring this magnificent fish into Singapore for your dining pleasure.

About Patagonian Toothfish

Also known as Chilean Sea Bass, Black Cod, Mero, Antarctic Cod & Icefish, Patagonian Toothfish with incredibly tender, moist and moderately oily flesh in large, thick flakes.  The delicious snow white meat which is the same colour cooked or raw is suitable for most cooking methods but the simplest way to enjoy it is to bake in the oven with a squeeze of lemon juice and a dob of butter seasoned with salt and pepper.

**FROZEN** Snap frozen at sea to ensure freshness