Tandoori Style Curry Paste 50g - Island Curries


A traditional paste/marinade recipe from Northern India. Cinnamon, paprika and cumin give it a sweet taste, and an aromatic smell. Use with lamb, beef, pork chicken, fish or vegetables. 

Rub 50g tandoori onto fresh chicken drumsticks after slicing the skin of the drumsticks slightly a few times with a sharp knife. set aside. heat oven moderate to hot and place on a slightly oiled backing tray until cooked thru. 
TIP if you are in a hurry, hit the basted drumsticks up in the microwave for 5 mins before placing in the oven.. reduces cooking time and ensures well-done.

Garlic, ginger, canola oil, lemon juice, pepper, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric, aniseed, chilli powder, salt, sugar, garam masala, beetroot powder, paprika. 

Contains no nuts or MSG

Keep refrigerated after opening and use within 21 days

Preservative, Gluten and Allergen Free

Serves 2- 3

Product of Tasmania

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