FROZEN Australian Sliced Ham 100g - No Added Nitrite - Barossa Fine Food

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Barossa Fine Foods No Added Nitrite Ham is a boneless ham made from the full muscle of the leg.  Ideal for sandwiches, salads, platters and charcuterie boards

About Barossa Fine Foods

Since the 1920’s the Knoll family has been making smallgoods using traditional techniques. They arrived in Australia in 1957 but it wasn’t until much later that they bought a small shop in the Adelaide Central Market called Barossa Fine Foods. From that single shop in 1991, the company has grown to have 8 retail outlets and a new factory facility that supplies product Australia wide. 

While their production has increased significantly, they pride themselves on staying true to their traditional hand processing methods and never compromise on the quality of their smallgoods. Celebrating 23 years in 2014 with over 120 staff and family and one of the most diverse product ranges in the country, Barossa Fine Foods has become the market leader in award winning hams & smallgoods. 

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