British Cumberland Pork Sausages 500g - SIDECAR

Hand-crafted artisan sausages. Made fresh, all natural, full-flavoured with no preservatives and no gluten.  Blast frozen as soon as they're made to keep them as fresh as possible.
Thinking bangers and mash? These British Cumberland sausage is a well-loved offering, calling on all the flavours of this classic, made in adherence to guidelines offered from the Cumberland sausage society. Whilst staying true to the typical thick pork style, we hand-link them in serving size portions, rather than the traditional coil presentation. We also nudge the flavours along a little, ulitising nutmeg, thyme and other traditional spices to make this one of our biggest sellers on range.
Mild, yet with more kick than the plainer offerings out there, we are really proud to offer this as a sausage suitable for breakfast, barbeque or enjoyed with rich gravy over mash potato.
**Frozen Product**

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