Spicy Spanish Chorizo Pork Sausage 500g - SIDECAR

Hand-crafted artisan sausages. Made fresh, all natural, full-flavoured with no preservatives and no gluten.  Blast frozen as soon as they're made to keep them as fresh as possible.
These chorizo packs the biggest spice profile across our range. As with all Chorizo, this bad-boy it is flavour packed, yet we aim for a sweeter note to balance out the strong garlic and paprika flavour drivers.
Utilising our in-house Aleppo pepper blend, we aim to make our chorizo pretty punchy, but not to knock-your-head-off spicy! A thicker style pork sausage, our Chorizo is a great option in a tomato based pasta sauce, ragout or grilled to perfection over the barbeque.

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