Shark Bay Australian Scallops 500g - WILD CAUGHT - FROZEN AT SEA


Famous and sought after, Shark Bay West Australian scallops are a true delicacy and therefore a firm favourite at some of the finest restaurants in Australia and abroad. Western Australia is one of the major sources of scallops in Australia and has an international reputation for its pristine clean waters.

Several species of scallops occur off the coast of Western Australia, but only the Southern Saucer Scallop (Amusium balloti) is abundant enough to support a commercial fishery. This scallop is known to grow to 14cm in length and can live for up to 3 years.

Professional fishermen work in conjunction with the Department of Fisheries to ensure the scallops are harvested at their optimum age for weight and market (thereby maximising the economic returns) while maintaining breeding stock. Scientists conduct a survey each year, which, together with historical biological data, enables them to forecast the annual scallop catch. The major influence on catch size each year is dependent on the strength of the Leeuwin current in the previous year. The stronger the current the lower the following years catch because more scallop spawn is washed away. The management of the fishery is based on limited entry licenses, season closures, boat and gear size restrictions. The Department of Fisheries Satellite Vessel Monitory System, supervises the fishery. Vessels are fitted with By-catch Reduction Devices (BRD's).

The majority of the scallop catch is processed at sea and are fresh frozen on the vessels to seal in all of natures goodness and taste for the market.

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