Rubi Cheese 35gm - Woodside Cheese Wrights, Adelaide

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Rubi meaning Jewel in French.

Rubi is made in very small batches entirely by hand. We dress the little cheese with edible flowers before they bloom a white mould rind.

The cheese blooms a velvety cover which sometimes covers and captures the little flowers.

As a young cheese Rubi is mild and balanced with a slight hint of a creamy blue flavour. The acid present makes this cheese lively and fresh and is typical of its lactic nature.

This little cheese is both elegant in looks and flavour it also has a tendency to become slightly firmer as it matures.

Woodside Cheese Wrights has produced a range of high quality award winning cheeses since 1994. Our sophisticated range of cow and goat milk cheese, are made by directly sourcing milk from small local dairy providing excellent control of milk quality.

Woodside is true to the word artisan, crafting all the cheeses by hand. Some of our cheeses are seasonal and are only made when the milk is perfect for each cheese style.

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