Ri's Garlic Chili Oil - 170g



Not to toot our own horn, but if there was one chili oil to rule them all, this would be hard to beat. Ri's version of the popular condiment will level-up anything you add it to with its perfect balance of flavor, texture, and heat.

Great with roasted vegetables, noodles, fried rice, and boiled eggs. Also adds a lovely kick when drizzled over daal or hummus.

All our chilis are vegan and paleo. We use only real, quality ingredients with no added sugar or preservatives. 

INGREDIENTS*: Extra virgin olive oil, dried chili, garlic, fresh chili, coconut aminos, pink salt

*Made in a facility that handles wheat, nuts, eggs, and dairy.

Net weight: 170g

Storage: Keep refrigerated after opening. Best consumed within 3 months of purchase.

Note: Product appearance and texture may vary slightly from batch to batch as we do not add stabilizers, emulsifiers, or artificial colors and flavors.


About Ri

I am a holistic nutritionist and the founder of Healthy-ish & Happy. I've been a foodie for as long as I canremember, and it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Ri's – an absolute labor of love marrying mypassion for health with real-food deliciousness.

I was born in LA, grew up in New York, and have called Singapore home for over ten years. My journey intonutrition started with the intention of finding a way to address my own health concerns. I was suffering fromfertility, adrenal, digestive, and autoimmune issues, and things came to a head after years of doctor visits,medication, and lots of feeling sorry for myself. 

As I began to understand how the body functions and how foodis nourishment, I was able to heal in ways I never thought possible. T
his set me on a path to help others, whichled to the birth of Healthy-ish & Happy. In 2020, I launched Clean-in-15, a group coaching program that guidespeople on a reset to eat and feel better in 15 days. The response has been overwhelming and the program hasbeen instrumental in transforming the pantries of hundreds of households to date, and continues to grow at arapid rate. 

Through my work with private clients, corporates, and the fast-growing Clean-in-15 community, the idea to startRi's began to manifest. I wanted to give people an easy way to make their food delicious and convenient withouthaving to compromise on their new healthy habits. They loved the way they were feeling and eating, and Iwanted to help them sustain that!

The first product under Ri's is a line of four chili sauces I soft launched in February 2021. Why chili?Notwithstanding my love for spicy food, it was surprisingly difficult to find a clean version in the market,without inflammatory seed oils or added sugar. I started out by making small batches of chilis straight from mykitchen, and opened up orders only to my clients. Soon, word spread and so did the love for my chilis sauces. 

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