Chuck Eye Roast (Approx 1.2kg) - PureBlack Angus Beef


Wonderfully suited to all style of slow cooking, we think these Chuck Eye Roasts are one of the tastiest cuts of them all!

All Pure Black beef comes from cattle grown in south eastern Australia - mainly Victoria, Tasmania and the lush south eastern corner of South Australia - where the temperate climate is ideal for high quality beef production.

Farms in this region are not as large as in other parts of Australia. Farmers are able to pay close attention to their smaller herds, producing cattle of superior quality.

And the smaller batches passing through the processing plant allow the highly trained staff to rigorously monitor quality standards.

Angus genetics are renowned for producing cattle with good marbling and growth rates.

Marbling adds flavour and makes cooking easier, and high growth rates produce beef that is very tender.

European, tropical climate and dairy breed genetics are excluded from Pure Black.

Growth enhancers are never used and no therapeutic anti-disease treatment is allowed during the life of the cattle.  All cattle are pasture fed.

Chuck Eye Roast also known as Pot Roast is best cooked slowly or marinated as is slightly tougher than other cuts - slow cooking is perfect for this cut of meat.

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