No 51 Raspberry Rose Tonic Organic Tea 60g by OVVIO ORGANIC

Ovvio Tea was created through the knowledge, passion and experience of renowned naturopath and herbalist Anthia Koullouros. Each cup contains only the finest flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves blended with love and respect for humankind, flora and fauna. Every sip offers a pure and delicious remedy for health and happiness.

Palate: Floral
Organic ingredients: Raspberry leaf, Rose petal, Linden flower. Caffeine free.
Australian certified organic - ACO No: 11236

Raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus)
Actions and indications: Traditionally used as a pregnancy herb after the first trimester, used to assist labour. Also used for inflammation of the mouth and acute diarrhea.

Linden flower (Tilia cordata)
Actions and indications: Traditionally used as a diuretic, sedative, vasodilator, and diaphoretic for conditions such as migraines, common colds, restlessness and hypertension.

Rose petal (Rosa canina)
Actions and indications: Traditionally used for inflammation, common colds, vitamin C deficiency, diarrhoea and gastritis.