Nanny Goat Pinot Noir 2016 - Central Otago

Where is the coolest place in the world for Pinot Noir? Well, Central Otago of course, which is just where this tasty morsel comes from. Dense plum, blueberry and raspberry flavour but still with that beautiful perfume that great Pinot Noir is all about. Earth, spice, and some velvet tannins – great Pinot, great price, what else do you need?

Winemaker's Notes

Pinot Noir is a fickle varietal that demands the utmost attention, both in the vineyard and in the winery to bring its true potential to the fore. It has many guises, from soft and supple to powerful and masculine and everything in between. Pinot Noir is an incredibly honest varietal, telling the story of its own unique place of origin like no other.

We aim to let each individual parcel of fruit tell its story by exclusively hand picking at optimum flavour ripeness, gentle handling and cap management in the winery and careful selection of oak to ensure the wines true characters are never overshadowed.

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