Moroccan Spice Mix 45g - Spice & Co.

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Spice & Co was established to provide PURE herbs and spices for people passionate about cooking with quality ingredients.

  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Nothing artificial
  • No additives, no bulking agents
  • Unique 'chef' created spice mixes & rubs 

Moroccan - "Ras al hanout" - translates to "head of the shop" or best quality spices. The original translation ras (head) hanout (undertaker) suggests some traditional recipes gave such a chilli kick to the head that you would end up at the undertaker!  It is used throughout Morocco in tagines, kebabs, cous cous & pastilla.

Use as a dry spice rub (or moisten with oil) on lamb cutlets, chicken wings/drumsticks, steaks, ribs, fish fillets, prawns or scallops. Use for roast whole chicken, lamb rumps/legs, beef rib-eye, strip loin etc. Use for as a base (combined with an onions and garlic sauté) for slow braised lamb shanks, lentils, chicken tagines, braised root vegetables or vegetable soups.

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