Moredough Kitchens Premium Asian Master Stock (Gluten Free) 500ml

Moredough Kitchens Stocks are made with the freshest ingredients. They are naturally filtered and are free from preservatives, MSG, artificial flavourings and additives.

All of Moredough Kitchens stocks are free from yeast extracts and are GLUTEN FREE.

Moredough Kitchens Asian Master Stock has light notes of star anise & cinnamon. It will add depth and flavour to Asian cooking.

• Perfect for making Pho, Stir-frys and Hot-pots.
• Perfect for steaming dumplings.
• A great base for soup such as traditional Chinese chicken and sweetcorn.
• Great for marinating, braising and poaching meats and meatballs.
• Try making sticky pork ribs.

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