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Marjoram is native to the Mediterranean and Western Asia. It is similar in appearance to oregano but is milder and sweeter in flavour. Marjoram is ideal for use in stuffing’s for chicken, pork or veal and enhances egg dishes like frittatas, flans and quiches. Marjoram also adds a delicate flavour to sautéed mushrooms.


Uses and Ideas:

  • Add marjoram to meatballs or meat sauce for spaghetti Bolognese, mushroom ragus or homemade lasagna.
  • Add marjoram to the egg mix when making a Spanish style omelette (pancake-shaped) - top with stewed capsicum, tomato and onion and stud with olives, capers and softened feta before finishing under a hot grill.
  • Add marjoram to orange glazed carrots or beetroot - just add a little orange zest and orange juice (reduce to a syrup) at the final stage sautéing in a pan with the veg.
  • Sprinkle marjoram over soft curd cheeses like ashed goats, sheep milk feta, bocconcini, halloumi or buffalo mozzarella - drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, allow to marinate and serve alongside antipasto style dishes.   
  • Crush Marjoram leaves with salt and can be used as a mild seasoning for chicken, pork or vegetable/side dishes.

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