Marinated Chilled Dorper Lamb Tenderloin (600g-800g) - Grass Fed Australian


Dorpers sheep are highly regarded as a prime lamb producing breed as they are fast maturing with the ability to produce a high-quality carcass with excellent conformation and fat distribution.

The Dorper Lamb breed was developed in the 1930’s in South Africa by cross breeding a Dorset Horn ram with Blackhead Persian ewes to develop a low maintenance yet fertile sheep-meat breed.

The Dorper Lamb was introduced to Australia in 1996 and has become one of the preferred breeds for lamb production in Australia due to their rapid weight gain and feed conversion attributes which produce high quality lamb carcasses.

Dorper sheep are natural shedders and they are attractive to local producers because shearing and mulesing requirements are minimal. They are non-selective grazers and adapt well to a range of Australian conditions.

Dorper Lambs are also highly fertile, very maternal with excellent milk production that enable them to raise fast growing vigorous lambs. The lambs show good maturity at 4-6 months of age, ensuring tenderness and a superior flavour making for a great-tasting prime lamb.

Dorper Lamb supplies premium Australian produced lamb and beef to domestic and global export markets since 2005. We offer a range of high grade Dorper Lamb, Wagyu Beef and Angus Beef.

Dorper Lamb works with dedicated farmers passionate for producing an excellent sustainable Australian product which tastes sensational. As a family business we take care and pride in what we do from ‘paddock’ with our farmer network, to ‘plate’ with our customers; ensuring consistency in quality, customer service and consumer dining experiences across the world.

  • Fridge shelf life 12 days from pack date, after this time product to be used or frozen.




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