Mandy's Christmas Pudding 1kg

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Born in London, Mandy has spent many years travelling, cooking and perfecting her craft.
After making fabulous cakes for the famous in her Santa Fe bakery she moved to Australia. Her years of experience have perfected her recipe for a rich, moist and perfectly spice cake and plum pudding.

Years of perfecting her recipe has resulted in a product that is deliciously moist, rich and dark, made only from the finest quality fruits and spices.

Mandy makes a pudding which is slightly denser and a little more moist than her cake. The puddings are fully cooked before they are vacuum sealed and only need reheating before serving.

Reheat by removing from their bag and microwave on medium-high power until warmed through or by steaming in the traditional way.

Mandy's Pudding is an ideal Christmas table desert topped with her Caramel Brandy Sauce.

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