Lemon Zest Himalayan Rock Salt Grinder - JOSH & SUE

A sophisticated combination of lemon zest and pink rock salt. It has a delicate aroma, offering a slight tang which will add a depth of flavour.

It is a great way to finish off roast potatoes, crispy chicken, pastas and roasts. Before you know it you will be using it on everything.

Himalayan Natural Pink Rock Salt is pure, hand mined salt found naturally deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains. The high mineral crystals embody varying shades of pink to deep reds which indicates beneficial amounts of 84 trace elements and iron.

Himalayan pink rock salt 71%,
Lemon zest 15%,
Whole white pepper 14%.

No preservatives or additives.  ​Gluten Free, Kosher and Vegan.

Made in Daylesford to Josh&Sue's family recipes from local and imported ingredients. Proudly Australian.

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