Cow Persian Feta Jar - 300g - Kris Lloyd Artisan

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There is no Persian Feta being made in South Australia presently, I felt it was time to give consumers a South Australian choice, and after travelling overseas last year and eating some incredibly good feta, I decided it was time to produce something like this for the South Australian market.

My decision to introduce a new brand made sense given Woodside already produce a Greek style feta - and the perfect opportunity to excite the market with some different packaging and support that with a quality product made from quality milk offering something for everyone.

100% Jersey milk

We have blended Coriole Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the marinade (keeping in the family) and some fresh herbs and organic garlic.

Eat it straight out of the jar, add to salad, bruschetta, toss through pasta or risotto great for tapas plate or antipasto plate.

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