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Juniper Berries are most famously associated with the alcoholic beverage gin. The flavour is reminiscent of the forest and has a clean almost neutral but woody taste. Juniper berries are an effective counter to fatty foods like Pork and Duck. Juniper goes particularly well with venison and game. For this reason, Juniper berries are often found in recipes for pates and terrines. Juniper berries are also used to flavour sauces that accompany rich meat & game dishes.

Uses and Ideas:

  • Add to cabbage when braising as per "Sauerkraut"
  • Make a juniper and red wine marinade to enhance the flavour and tenderize, chicken and game birds (pheasant, quail, guinea fowl etc) - Crush 12 juniper berries, 12 black peppercorns, add 300 ml red wine, 30 ml gin and 30 ml olive oil. Add snipped rosemary to marinade. Marinate duck/game - 3 hours (in the fridge) before cooking.
  • Make juniper ice cubes for visual appeal with Gin and Tonics - Half fill an ice cube tray with water, pop in the berries (they will float) and freeze, top up with more water to surround the juniper berries and re-freeze. 

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