Ikana Live New Zealand Greenshell Mussels 800g +/- (AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY FRI, SAT & MON ONLY)

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Live Greenshell Mussels are one of New Zealand's great seafood experiences. Ikana’s mussels are cleaned and hand graded before being packed in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) still alive for added assurance.

Before making it to your plate, Ikana Greenshell mussels are raised and nurtured in bays and coves around New Zealand’s pristine South Island coastline, from Stewart Island, Banks Peninsula and the Marlborough Sounds. The mussels are grown on lengths of natural fibre rope suspended from recyclable floats, allowing them to be nourished through the natural flow of water and the tides. Nature is allowed to go about its work unhindered while native fish, shellfish and seaweeds flourish below.

Alive = Best Taste!

Here at The Fishwives, we know that as a lover of great food, you've got high expectations for taste. You also want to know that you can trust our product. We're 100% committed to providing safe and healthy seafood to all our customers. So, we're very excited to bring to you this absolute gem of a product that Rebecca uncovered on a recent farm visit to New Zealand.

New Zealand was the last land to be discovered and nature there is still pure and unadulterated. The waters are free from many of the parasites and pollutants that have devastated other aquaculture regions in the world, meaning the region provides premium products of unequalled quality.

New Zealand also operates one of the strictest quality assurance programmes for shellfish in the world. This means you know our NZ products and their stewardship over there lands & waters are of the highest integrity. Shellfish are stringently tested for bio toxins, bacteria and heavy metals. Ikana ethically produced shellfish are grown, harvested and processed to industry best practice and our facilities meet the strictest food safety specifications and standards in the world.


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