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Hot Paprika is produced by grinding a number of varieties of dried deep red paprika pods of the pepper plant (Capsicum). Although paprika is regarded as the symbol of Hungarian cuisine, the spice was brought to Hungary by the Turkish traders only as recently as the 16-17th centuries.  Spice & Co. Hot Paprika has a heat rating of five on a scale of one to ten. Use of hot, sweet or smoked paprika depends on the type of dish being prepared and the desired level of heat. Hot paprika can be moderated with sweet paprika to achieve your preferred level of heat.

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    • Paprika is most famously used in Hungarian cuisine in dishes like porkolt (roasts), stuffed peppers, Gulyas (goulash soup) and  Goulashes and Paprika’s (sautéed dishes of sliced red meat, chicken or fish, spiced with paprika and finished with sour cream.
    • In many Eastern European countries paprika is set as a table condiment with chillies in place of peppermills. Add hot paprika to spice up soups, broths or braised cabbage, brussel sprouts or leeks. Add hot paprika to sautéed veal/chicken dishes finished in a pan with sour cream, mushrooms and chives.

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