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Spice & Co was established to provide PURE herbs and spices for people passionate about cooking with quality ingredients.

  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Nothing artificial
  • No additives, no bulking agents
  • Unique 'chef' created spice mixes & rubs

Himalayan Pink Salt is an unrefined, unprocessed raw salt that is hand-mined from salt caves that were formed over 200 million years ago. The salt controls a rich spectrum minerals and trace elements. Himalayan Pink Salt is best added at the end of the cooking process so the final taste/balance of a dish can be controlled. Salt can also be used to draw moisture out of food items (e.g. bitterness in eggplants), cucumbers prior to pickling or curing fish e.g. Salmon Gravlax.

Uses and Ideas

  • Make salt rubs (for chicken, fish or meat) by combining sea salt in a pestle & mortar with your favourite flavourings, e.g. lemon zest & oregano, orange zest & rosemary or garlic, chilli & coriander.

  • Chefs Tip - add sea salt (5%) to water & use to "brine" chicken breast for 30 mins. Pat dry & plain grill for a super tender result. Spices such as star anise, bay, cinnamon quills etc can also be added to the brine.

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