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If you like your food a little spicy, you’ll almost certainly love harissa, a hot pepper chilli paste. It's got a deeper flavour than just chilli – you get a spicy hit backed by garlic and lemon, and it can be sweet or smoky. Very rarely it can be blow-your-head-off hot but the heat takes its time, and tends to be earthier than fresh chilli or flakes.

The versatility of harissa is one of the best things about it. Just a smidge will give your dinner a lift. Add a little to a basic tomato sauce, or use it to pep up a chicken breast or piece of fish. You can also let it really dominate the dish – it’s historically used as a flavouring for couscous – and is especially good if you like the flavour of chilli but want something more complex. 

Harissa originates from North Africa and while every region has its own variation and take on the paste, it’s particularly associated with Tunisia.

The Spanish occupation of Tunisia in the 16th century is thought to have begun the spread of harissa's influence around the world. Today, it’s estimated that a quarter of the world’s population eat harissa in any single day.

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