Green Cardamom - 30g - INDIAN SPICE BOX


The queen of spices . . . wise and wonderful, with a powerful and refreshing flavor that will leave you tingling!
Cardamom is great for your tummy and can easily lift your spirits.

Cardamom is someone you want to keep in your inner circle as this spice has a ton of health benefits to offer, such as helping to digest and detoxify.

The founder of Indian Spicebox created the brand to bring homemade and nutritious Indian food into more homes.

The company is on a mission to feed hungry bellies with nutritious food, but it is also dedicated to disproving the common misconceptions surrounding Indian food - that it's unhealthy, heavy, overly spicy and too complicated to cook.

The Founder is a food writer based in Singapore and the author of two cookbooks.

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