Genevieve's Fresh Salad Dressing - Classic French 245ml

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Genevieve’s has created the first chilled dressing range to come onto the market. Now you can make restaurant quality salads at home by adding a drizzle of Genevieve’s to your salad ingredients or meats.

Sunflower oil, wine vinegar and Dijon mustard are blended together and flavoured exquisitely with fresh citrus fruit zest and garlic, exotic spices and the finest quality made New Zealand cheeses to create our latest innovative series of products. No gluten, egg, emulsifiers are used and we haven’t put in any additives giving you nothing but freshness of flavour. They taste as good as if a chef just whipped it up for you!


Classic French Dressing
A creamy blend of fresh garlic, whole seed and Dijon mustard. Serve Genevieve’s Classic French Vinaigrette as a general purpose salad dressing or drizzled over oven roasted potatoes.