Tasmanian Ocean Trout Portions (200g+/-) FROZEN

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Tasmanian Ocean Trout has been known to Australia under a variety of different names: Steelhead, Kamloops Trout, Steelhead Trout, and Silver Trout. With a scientific name of Oncorhynchus Mykiss, this unique fish is from the Pacific Salmon family of trout and is a cross between the Steelhead and Rainbow Trout.

In the North East of Tasmania, you will find the hatchery, where fresh water from the Tasmanian Great Lakes supplies the goodness of lake water. The fish are left there to spend an incubation period until they reach the average size of 300 grams. After being gradually exposed to sea water, these fish are then transferred to the sea cages located at Macquarie Harbour at Strahan. One unique quality about Tasmanian Ocean Trout is the fact that they have been properly exposed to brackish water or a partly salty and partly fresh aquatic environment.

These Trout have the ability clean their gills naturally and the strong current within their environment allows Tasmanian Ocean Trout to become strong in the process. And unlike other fish species under mass production operations, you can be assured that this fish is being bred within a healthy environment which holds no risk for overpopulation. For these reasons, you could say that the Tasmanian Ocean Trout has been cradled and nourished by nature itself. They are not just your ordinary fish that are being mass produced. They are a work of art; a delicious fish that will satisfy even the fussiest eater.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout never fails to give an authentic and palatable seafood experience. Aside from its firm flesh with a distinct rosy pink/ orange colour, it has a unique flavour that makes it different from its other salmon counterparts. It is perfect for any recipe.

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